We run a boutique style business with an emphasis on customer service and customer needs. We are not satisfied until our clients are satisfied.

The creativity of our Director of Photography is unmatched. He’s taken photos all over the world and has a very unique perspective.

John Umbarila is a young bilingual entrepreneur in his 30s. As a college student, he would photograph and sell items online to make money. He quickly recognized the importance of good quality photography from a business perspective. He graduated cum laude from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and minors in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.

Shortly after graduating college, he started a small e-commerce business while working in retail. His introduction to the multimedia business came in 2010 when he was hired by Comcast. As a Bilingual Customer Account Executive, he was responsible for customer service, billing, sales, troubleshooting, and the training of new hires on computer applications. In 2014, he switched gears and worked on the ground floor of a video production startup company as a producer. This is where he witnessed firsthand how to run a multimedia business.

After taking some time to handle business and personal affairs overseas, he came back to the U.S and had a small stint as an independently contracted photographer for a real estate photography company. It was not long before he was sought after by The Nicklaus Companies, owned by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, for a marketing project involving photography. Once that contract expired, he decided to go into business with his high school friend, Jared King, who shared the same real estate photography experience. John’s education and prior work experience developed his communication and leadership skills, two of his major qualities as a professional. Not to mention, he genuinely cares about people and wants to have a positive impact on his local community. The culmination of John’s experiences have positioned him to own and manage Picture Perfect Properties, LLC.

Jared King, now in his 30s, was born and raised in Jupiter, Florida. He is a highly accomplished six year United States Navy Veteran who did three combat deployments and served as a Mass Communication Specialist. More specifically, as a photojournalist, he captured pictures all over the world, giving him a very unique perspective. His eye for photography is invaluable, having been developed over many years by having a camera in his hand everyday.

Jared has been delivering quality performance since his days in the Navy. As a studio supervisor, he pushed to improve products and processes. He oversaw photoshoots, passport photos, and full-length photos, increasing productivity and technical skills of personnel in the department threefold. With such an electric personality, he was a great energetic mentor, training personnel in studio photography and developing individual mentorship plans. Having been recognized for his expertise, the Navy personally requested him during Syrian contingency operations to man the media desk and ensure no drop off in production. As a natural leader, he was sought out again for technical assistance at all levels and in all media work centers, for his ability to adapt and resolve many situations.

Jared’s introduction to real estate photography came when he was hired by Davenport Financial. As a diligence driver, he performed site visits on routes of several hundred properties in various jurisdictions across the U.S. He has proved himself to be independent, disciplined, and organized with the ability to multitask and meet strict deadlines while thriving in a fast paced environment. He was reunited with his high school friend and current business partner John Umbarila after also having a small stint as an independently contracted photographer for the same real estate photography company. Jared’s major qualities are his leadership and technical skills in photography and post production. He is proficient in many photo and video editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Avid, and Adobe Premiere Pro. He has produced prime-cut packages with over a million views on YouTube which were used on CNN and episodes of NCIS. On a more personal note, Jared is open and honest, to a fault some would say. Also, he understands what it means to serve his country and extends himself to donate his services to veteran related affairs.